How To Fly

Are you ready to get rolling? We’re ready to teach you how to fly!

Make sure your High Flyer is turned on before you step on. To turn on, you press the main power button. When you hear an alert and the green light turns on, this means the power is on in novice mode. Press the button twice within three seconds to turn on expert mode. The same button turns the High Flyer off. Once your High Flyer is on, stepping on it will cause it to move. If you have a remote, you can use it to start up, shut off or switch from novice to expert mode easily.

Stepping up can be tricky! Make sure that green light at the center of the pedal is on before you place your left foot on the left pedal. Get used to the device moving back and forward with the weight of your foot. Quickly place your right foot on the right pedal. Each foot should be at the center of the pedals, which helps to maintain a balanced, relaxed posture and allows for optimal rolling experience.

How to move

Once you step onto the High Flyer, steady yourself and try to keep your balance with a straight posture. Edging your feet apart to the far sides of the pedals can help keep you steady, and bending your knees periodically may also help. The High Flyer will sense your body movements and react accordingly.

By pressing the pedals lightly with your toes or front of your feet, the High Flyer will move forward. A slight press of the heels on the pedals will move it backwards. By applying pressure to the front of the right pedal, you will turn to the left, and by applying pressure to the front of the left pedal, you will turn to the right.

Take your time to learn how your High Flyer reads you - you’ll go from rolling to flying in no time!

Please Note

Rolling can be a hazardous activity even under the best of circumstances, so we recommend you keep your new High Flyer Scooter well maintained and always wear the the correct safety gear, including kneepads, elbow pads, wrist pads and a helmet to reduce the risk of injury. Remember, if you feel like you’re losing control or going to fall, simply step off your roller. It is not recommended to ride the roller down hills, however the High Flyer can climb up to a 15 degree incline. The maximum speed is 10 kph

Disclaimer: This is not a safety manual but a preliminary guide to using the High Flyer Scooter. Please see the safety manual that comes with your High Flyer for additional information. If you have any questions, please check our FAQ section for the answer. If you cannot find an answer, contact us and we will be happy to help.