Each HighFlyer1000 functions by sensing your body movements. Our highly functional sensor technology allows you to simply lean forward to move forward, lean left or right to turn or spin, and lean back to go in reverse.

Up to 12 miles per hour. The weight of the rider may decrease the maximum speed. The maximum suggested weight of a rider is 220 pounds.
Our Samsung batteries take up to two hours for a full charge.
Up to 10-15 miles in distance depending on your speed and weight.
It is not suggested to go down steep hills on your HighFlyer1000. The HighFlyer1000 can easily climb 15° incline.
Yes, available colors are listed for sale on our site.
Current processing times take up to 3 weeks, however we do our best to ship your unit out sooner. Many customer’s units are shipped out within 7 days. It depends on our demand. At times a wait list occurs. For questions regarding your order, email us at. orders@highflyerscooters.com.
See above for ship out times. Once your unit has left our warehouse, the standard shipping offered on our website is Priority shipping via USPS which arrives in 2-3 days. For express overnight shipment, email orders@highflyerscooters.com to see if we can accommodate your request.
Once your unit leaves our warehouse and is dropped off at USPS, it is scanned into the USPS system. However, USPS can take 24-48 hours to show a live update on the website. Please wait 48 hours after receiving a confirmation before contacting us regarding your shipment.
We ship to certain countries. If you would like to receive a unit outside of the United States, email orders@highflyerscooters.com with your address and we will get back to you with a custom shipping quote.
Email orders@highflyerscooters.com with a summary of your company, graphics ideas, and number of units you are interested in (100 unit minimum) and your time frame. We will respond promptly.
Email orders@highflyerscooters.com with your order #, contact information, and a summary of your issue. We will get back to you in the order your request is received.
Yes, we are currently working with spokespersons. Please contact orders@highflyerscooters.com for more information.
You can read all about the warranty your scooter comes with here.